Time To Take Another Look At Your Website

You have a website for your business, right? Everyone looking to compete in today’s tough economy does. Did you know that there are approximately 300 million websites? And, that number grows exponentially each year. This means, to avoid getting lost in the clutter, your website must stand out.

When you first launched your site, it included all the important components: company information, business hours and perhaps a few contact options. So you are all set, right? Probably not. Things change very quickly online. It’s likely that you are missing out on a whole wealth of opportunities. A website is unique from most other marketing efforts. It should be viewed as living and breathing. Not only can it be updated often, it should be.

The quality of your website and ease of navigation can be an incredible asset to your company, but it can also be detrimental. If there is incorrect or outdated content it lowers your credibility. If it’s hard to navigate or the site is unattractive or amateurish, potential customers will bail.

I suggest you look at the sites of your competitors. Ask yourself what’s good, and what’s not.  Then review your own site. How does it compare? Be sure to look for out-of-date information. Determine what components should stay, what should go and what needs to be added. With these simple steps you will increase the value of your site and improve business.

Now that your site has what it takes to really engage your visitors, you need to consider the plethora of opportunities out there to really make your site amazing. Taking measures to get your site listed and highly ranked in search engines, blogging and utilizing social media will draw more visitors to you.

Remember that your website is an ongoing investment. It may be the first contact people have with your company. If you can engage them, you are sure to experience increased revenue and elevated brand equity.

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