Introducing Google+

Let me ask you, how many social networks is your business using? You’ve likely lost track. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are popular because they allow you to advertise to both customers and prospects in one place, often for free. These applications are great, but in my opinion, they are restrictive…especially when targeting content to users.

Now there’s another social media platform in the mix — Google+. It has been said that it is possibly the only thing right now with the potential to take Facebook off the social media map. I believe it’s a good possibility, too — Google+ is not there yet, but give it time!

Designed to streamline social media, Google+ was released in June 2011, after going through a number of Google’s infamous beta stages, and is available by invite only. (If you’d like an invite, leave a comment below with your gmail address and we can send one to you!)

Key Google+ features:


Google+ allows you to organize friends, contacts and coworkers into a circle. Once you have circles set up, you can choose which groups to share information with, providing more privacy. For businesses, circles allow you to identify demographics and send information to targeted audiences.


Sparks are similar to the “share this article” feature. They allow users to suggest articles, videos, photos and more to specific users rather than posting it to your entire contact list.


With the ability to video-chat with up to 10 people, Hangout lets you personalize customer service, host workshops or meetings and roll out VIP promotions.

Google+ has many other features and is definitely worth checking out. Although it is rumored that it will be officially rolled out this fall, I want to offer congratulations to Google!…Google+ and it’s features are very cool!

For more Google+ information, contact Synapse or follow this link:

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