What Is The Future Of Internet And What Does That Mean To Me?

It’s a topic of debate right now – what is happening to the Internet and why do I care? The Internet is a growing, ever-changing playground for new technology, new information and new trends. And your business and website need to be ahead of the curve. Here are a few pointers:


Flash certainly won’t disappear anytime soon, however it is diminishing. With greater use of mobile devices and cloud computing, the heavyweight flash is going away. So what does this mean for your website? It’s time to shy away from those “fancy” flash-only websites and focus on not only being cross-browser compliant but also cross-device compliant.

Personalization and Social

Imagine seeing all of your favorite websites changed and content given to you based on your preferences. Dynamic content based on your likes and dislikes, seeing what your friends enjoy, seeing your favorite websites transform based solely on you. So, what does this mean? For your website, this means opening up the doors to allow real personalization. No more static content, static image; it’s about opening the doors to a more personalized, direct website based on your customers.

Adaptive Design

Pixel perfect design is important to web designers and customers alike. But with all the new devices offering the Internet in the palm of your hand, it’s imperative that your website flexes with those devices. So, for your website, that means being flexible. Your website needs the ability to work on all devices and look absolutely fantastic on all of them. The last thing you want to do is turn away a potential customer because your website doesn’t work properly on their device.

The Internet is changing. Make sure your website is adapting along with it. Whether it’s updating your current look or completely rethinking your website, the most important consideration is your customers. And you want to make sure you are delivering the best for them.

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