Why You Need A Content Strategy

Every website that has ever been created, or ever will be, was done so for the purpose of attracting users. The more people who view your site the better, right? Having a good looking, easy-to-navigate design will always be a huge plus, but content is what drives people to your site, keeps them there, and more often than not brings them back for more. Content is king.

I wrote earlier in “Time To Take Another Look At Your Website” about how many sites launch with the initial content but then are left to sit collecting dust. The information you really wanted to share at the launch of your site is now outdated and no plan of action was ever devised to keep things fresh.

Content covers everything the user can access, interact with and take away with them when they leave your site. What was your process for what was published on your site and what was left off? What was the reasoning? Now that it’s published, what’s next? The answers to these questions have incredible implications on how your site is received by both the people visiting your site and the search engines that rank your site. The difference between well thought-out content could mean the difference between a thriving online presence and the sound of crickets.

What you need is a Content Strategy. This defines not only what content makes it onto your site, but why. It is a process that covers everything from the overall message you want conveyed across your site, content purpose, search engine optimization (SEO) and a plan for how future content will be created, implemented and governed. It is no longer good enough to “set it and forget it”.

I hope this process is starting to make sense and that you understand that content has no set timeline. It needs to start at the earliest stages of your site development and be followed through with for as long as your website exists. It’s that important. I would argue this is the number one factor in whether a website will be successful or not.

There is obviously much more to the topic of Content Strategy than can possibly be covered in one post. For now, I hope I have convinced you that content cannot be an afterthought and when it is how it can affect you. Look forward to a more in-depth post in the near future on steps I would recommend following. Your website, and your customers, will thank you for taking action.

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