Team building is important to your business.

Team building is an expression I hear a lot, and I always wonder if the people who are using this expression actually know why team building is so important to a business.

Bottom line is this: in order for your business to be successful, you must work successfully as a team. This year Synapse received recognition on the Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies. People want to know how we grew 859% in just three years. Synapse founder, Bobby Deraco, will always tell them that the strength of our team was a major contributor.

Bobby recognizes that a “team” doesn’t just happen. It must be built. In addition to putting the right people in the right positions, you must nurture the relationships these people have with each other.

At Synapse, team building is a priority. We promote a peer recognition program and encourage all employees to hand out “awards” to people who have gone the extra mile. It’s a nice way to say “Thank You” and it reinforces the point that we are in this together. And, in order to succeed as a company, we must succeed individually and to do so means helping and encouraging each other.

We also sponsor off-site excursions to help refresh the team and have a little fun together. Every other month, we close the office early and participate in things such as bowling, par 3 golf, or laser tag. These activities get us away from the everyday grind of the business world and help us relate to each other in a more social environment. We even give out awards for the most improved golfer, the highest score in bowling, the most team spirit and so on.

Team building is important because it helps to nurture strong relationships within your organization. People have the opportunity to get to know their co-workers in a different, more social environment. If people enjoy their job and their co-workers and they feel appreciated, they will work harder. It’s human nature and it’s working at Synapse!

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