Maybe It’s Time for a Makeover

Imagine opening a magazine and seeing an ad for a brand new Cadillac. Boasting all the newest features, gadgets, and impressive performance, this automobile would be the envy of all car makers. But there is just one little issue… Cadillac used a 1990 body style!

Now think of your business. You have a handle on all the latest and greatest information and trends to offer your customers including impressive customer service. You should be the envy of your competition… but your “look” hasn’t changed in a decade. Your ads are the same they have always been, placed in the same section of the same publication, at the same size, using the same colors and even the same message.

After so long, an ad can start to blend into its surroundings. You must shake things up every now and then. Go ahead, lose the advertising camouflage and see what happens. While products and fads come and go, good design never goes out of style. Explore other avenues with your advertising, such as email campaigns, integrated promotions, mobile apps, direct mail or revamping a dated website. As the old adage states, “variety is the spice of life.”

Take a good look at your business and visualize what you think your company’s image should be, then look at your current advertising and ask yourself if they match. If your mental image is contemporary but your ad designs are tired and dusty, you need to stop and think about how the outside world perceives you.

You may not find yourself on Extreme Makeover – Corporate Identity Edition, but maybe you just need to clean up or simplify your current look. Add some fresh photography. Jazz up your message with new copy. Even the smallest improvements can go a long way.

Choose the right creative team (us – hint, hint) and we’ll get your business out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

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