Building Website Search Engine Traffic in a Day

I once heard someone say, “Most good things don’t come in a day.” In the search engine world, this is the truth. Whether your website is new, old, small or big; search engine rankings will never come in a day, probably not in a few days either!

In most search engines, there are two types of rankings you can achieve, both with different benefits as well:

1) Organic SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization)
The term “Organic SEO” (aka “natural SEO”) describes search engine optimization efforts that have been made to a website that do not involve sponsored listings or paid campaigns of any sort.

This process improves the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines by means of natural SEO efforts specifically by optimization of on-page content, link-building campaigns and “off-page” optimization.

2) Paid Search
The term “Paid Search” refers to the sponsored search results ads displayed typically on SERP (search engine results pages) because advertisers have pre-paid campaigns with search engines that help promote services or various parts of the advertisers website.

Pay-Per-Click (aka “PPC”) advertising programs such as Google Adwords allow advertisers to create a keyword based advertising campaign that will display text ads and image ads generally on the right-hand side of search results pages (in Google). A PPC campaign is run off of a set budget or a daily budget pre-determined by the advertiser, they can then setup a group of keywords that target specific ads to display with the ability to set how much they are willing to spend for each keyword phrase that targets the ad. When the advertisement is clicked, the user will pay that set amount for the website visitor.

Unlike organic SEO, paid search rankings can come in a day! With a PPC campaign, you have the option to start today and end tomorrow, and even come back to it in a few months! Paid search will not improve your organic search rankings, which is generally more valuable traffic and heavier amounts of traffic, but it does have the ability to start bringing traffic to your website today!

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