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Meeting Mobile Users Needs

For over a decade, we have turned to the Internet for news, entertainment and communication. Now the Internet travels with us, wherever we go. With the recent explosion of smart phones such as the iPhone, Android devices and others, we’re … Continue reading

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Building Business with Google Business

Over the last few years, Google has single-handedly changed the way users browse through the internet dramatically. Years ago, search engine results would appear more like a guessing game for the search engine algorithm. Brand names, large corporations and high-traffic … Continue reading

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Time Management as an Art Form

Your desk is piled high with paperwork. You don’t even know where to begin…you think, “How am I going to get all of this done?!”. Then the phone rings, you see your inbox has 20 unread messages and yet another … Continue reading

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The Importance of Using a Development Library

At Synapse, we pride ourselves on building every website according to best practices. One of these best practices includes the utilization of development libraries, a pre-written foundation of code that a web developer or designer can build from. A good … Continue reading

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