Building a Team Page that Gets People Excited!

Your company website is a place where your clients and prospective clients can see what your company is all about. They can view your portfolio, awards, services you offer and even how to contact you. But have you ever thought about creating a section of your site that features something other than just your services? Because that can really showcase why your business is so special and unique – what makes it successful.

We are very proud of the “Our Team” page on our Synapse site. This is an area that takes a very innovative approach to introducing our team and has created quite a buzz among our clients and prospects. In fact, our team page is the most frequently visited page on our website.

One thing we strongly promote in our company is being professional and client-focused, but also having fun while you work and truly enjoying your co-workers who you spend a big portion of your life with every day. This page is a huge benefit to each of our team members. It is a place where everyone can express the “other side” of who they are, outside company walls.

Anyone can have a page on their site that lists the names of each person and what department he or she works in, and even show a photo. But Synapse takes that a step or two farther. Each employee poses with a prop that shows who they are in a quick glance. We showcase everything from a “Terrible Towel” to dance shoes and even nunchucks! Our team members have a wide variety of interests and talents that make all of us mesh very well together. Promoting this in a fun way is important to all of us – it is one of the key benefits of working at Synapse – everyone is an individual and everyone has opinions and ideas that matter.

We even jump right in and explore the psyche…finding out what makes each one of us tick… Ok, that may be over-stating it a bit, but we do ask some interesting questions and you will be surprised by many of the answers. We don’t simply ask the normal questions like, “Where did you grow up?” and “What is your favorite book?”. We strive to be different than the norm, asking things like, “If you were a crayon, what color would you be?” and “Have you ever cried at a movie? Which one?”. These are questions you wouldn’t expect to see on a company website – and that is basically the point. Synapse is not like other companies.

When someone visits your website to check out what your company is all about and see what you can do for them, being able to learn a little bit about each member of your team can be a benefit you are overlooking. That little slice of personality will get people excited about your company and show that your employees are not just worker bees in a corporate hive of activity – each bee has a name, a title, a personality – and the most successful companies realize this fact. Leverage your website to introduce your clients and prospects to who they’ll be working with. We live in an age where email and phone communication is more popular than ever. However, it is human nature to want to make a more personal connection, and a well thought-out team page is an invaluable tool to get that started.

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