Infographic: Anatomy of a Startup

On September 10th, Synapse will celebrate our 5th birthday.  In 1,827 days, we’ve launched 9,120 marketing projects, toasted six marriages, drank 3400 gallons of coffee, and shoo’ed two snakes out of the office.

Check out more facts about Synapse on our new infographic, Anatomy of a Startup. Then share it with your entrepreneurial friends as proof that you can start with a dream, mix in hard work, sprinkle liberally with passion, bake at 450°, and turn it into a source of inspired significance in your life.

Startup Business Marketing Infographic

Want to post this on your site as an example of a great infographic?  Here’s the code:

<a href=””><img title=”Anatomy of a Startup Infographic” src=”” alt=”Business Marketing Infographic” width=”2400″ height=”6000″ /></a>

Thanks for being part of our first five years!

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