Behind the Scenes: Creating an Animated Video for Your Brand

Three months ago, our Creative Team began production on’s “What is” introductory animated video. Producing a well-executed animation with a high quality, professional look involves the orientation of many details ranging from pre-production research, conceptual design, script writes, voice recordings and storyboarding to post-production use of effects, editing and . . . more editing. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? We didn’t even mention all the animating!

When Synapse begins pre-production, we dive deep into research to establish the key points: Who is the target audience? What are the key messages? What is the tone, mood, style and energy going to be? Through extensive planning processes with our client and internal teams, a direction is realized and shaped.

Once key notes are established, a script is written and conceptual design begins. Writers prepare a script which is put through rigorous tests to ensure the audience receives and understands the video’s key points. Our creative department delves deep into conceptual art, creating characters, environments and elements, ensuring the best possible imagery.

Conceptual Artwork for Animation



Illustration Examples



Upon script approval, voice talent is auditioned and selected. Using our predetermined styles, the script is voice recorded to a particular tone and mood. Also, during this part of the process, our creative department starts storyboarding. Using the script, and previous art direction detailed by both the director and the conceptual art, the animation is “roughed out” into key frames. This process aids our animator in determining the layout of scenes, shots, camera movement, movement of characters and elements, character expression and emotion, environment layouts and appropriate lighting (the mood) and last but not least, polished design.

Illustration Storyboards









As story boards are completed and approved, production begins. Our illustrator and animator create characters, backgrounds and elements accordingly to the voice over, predetermined to the storyboards. This is where the magic happens. Characters are brought to life, emotions and personalities emerge, and the story is fashioned and finalized.

“It is amazing to share in the development of a concept, shaping it and forming it and then seeing it come to life,” exclaims David M. Clancy, lead animator and illustrator for the DealBurglar animated video. “When I created the DealBurglar character a year ago, I would later animate him, put him in a world, and create a fun, charming personality for To have the chance to do this every day is amazing! This is why animators animate.”

Animated Illustrated Still Shots

After animation is completed, post-production starts. Through extensive viewings and revisions, the animation is edited and polished. Appropriate effects are added afterwards. Although it’s at the end, this polishing process is critical to the success of our final video. We make sure the animation presents what the key points detail. Using the criteria of polished and clean design, well-executed animation, classic and new cinematic film techniques, the animation is reviewed, edited and then previewed for all stakeholders. Only upon approval from the client, is the final animation considered complete.

Animation Design


Bringing life and a fun personality to through animation ensures a refreshing, memorable and informative approach for DealBurglar’s customers. “Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world,” quipped Walt Disney. With the infinite possibilities animation brings to marketing, Synapse welcomes our clients to discover this timeless art form.

Want to see the culmination of our work? Watch’s animated short, “What is DealBurglar?”

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