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You may have heard the expression, “Content is King” in the past, but that holds true now more than ever as marketers are leaning on content to improve search rankings, increase social media engagement and deliver web traffic. According to the DMA, creating consistent, meaningful and mindful content across all marketing channels is the #2 priority for brands this year (slightly behind the use of Big Data). Instilling transparency across all platforms, both digital and print, will not only help build the integrity of your brand, but create ambassadors for it as well.

Ever watchful, Synapse has recently expanded our creative division with the addition of a new content strategist: Amanda Mitcheltree – a.k.a. BAMS. She holds a business degree with Temple University, Fox School of Business with concentrations in Marketing, Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship. When she isn’t wordsmithing copy, she is passionate about PR and building brands organically through content curation. This week our very own Jess Dubbs sat down with BAMS to hear more about her background, content strategy and fleatiquing.

Amanda MitcheltreeWhat attracted you to Synapse?
When researching companies to work for in the area, I came across Synapse as one of the BEST PLACES to Work in PA. That was important to me because I wanted to grow with a company and not just work for one. I’ve worked for both nonprofit organizations and big corporations, but the fact that Synapse is an entrepreneurial company really resonated with me because it encompasses qualities like passion that are sometimes absent in established firms.

How has your experience been so far?
Well, it’s only my second week here, but I can say I am happy to be a fellow Synapsian. Our coffee maker has broken twice since I started but things could be worse. As a coffee connoisseur, I love the fact that we just invested in a brand new percolator, so the coffee is always hot and free of charge!

What do you think the biggest challenges are for brands right now?
I think the biggest hurdle most brands and companies face, especially in a recovering economy, is not having the internal resources to focus on marketing initiatives. Marketing is often one of the first budgets to get downsized – yet it’s one of the most critical needs for a company of any size. The important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to refresh. Everyone loves a good comeback story.

Creating useful content takes time, but if the effort is made it promises to pay big dividends. Brands find their internal resources are often lacking in this area, so the content they do put out is rushed, unrefined or sporadic. My goal is to help our clients create content which excites their audience.

If you’re not creating smart content at Synapse, what piques your interests?
I’m curious by nature. I’m interested in too many subjects to be a master of any of them but I do love fleatiquing.

What’s Fleatiquing?
It’s basically antiquing cheaper, sister. I love treasure hunting at flea markets and finding old pieces I can repurpose into new. My favorite flea market is currently The Brooklyn Flea. It’s not as close as Adamstown, but always worth the trip.

Why content strategy? Why not a marketing position?
I get asked that a lot. Content strategy is marketing and it builds equity within brands in this organic way that is so gratifying. It’s true that “Content is King” in today’s digital realm but “Customers are also King” and customers are online in so many reachable ways: socially, transactionally, informatively – so we need to speak to them in ways that will attract and retain them. Content needs to be relevant and engaging, otherwise your messaging will get lost in the shuffle.

So, last question: can you share any specific strategies you’ll be bringing to the table?
Well, of course research and writing – articles, whitepapers, blogs – will be a focus. I’m currently tackling copy development for a handful of client websites. PR is a big part of the digital marketing mix, especially for search marketing. Expect to see expanded public relations services from Synapse this year. And I’m really looking forward to supporting our clients’ social media efforts – not only on Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn, Pinterest and other networks, too.

Thank you, BAMS. Welcome aboard.

Want to meet BAMS and see how she can help you develop (and implement) a perfect content strategy for 2013? Give us a jingle and Start a Conversation with Synapse!


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