Synapse welcomes Bryan Rutt to the Team

Casey Stengel, the legendary baseball player and manager, once said, “It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part!” When a group of talented people with different areas of strength can be brought together to create a Team that is greater than the sum of its parts, a winning Team has been created. A strong foundation of processes and practices that allows the different segments of the Team to build on one another’s strengths is essential to that winning formula.

Synapse welcomes Bryan Rutt to our Team. With over fifteen years experience in Direct Marketing (five of them spent in Operations Management) and proven training and coaching skills, Bryan will work to strengthen that foundation here and facilitate our Team’s continued growth and success in his role as Process Improvement Specialist.

We sat down with Bryan to find out more about what makes him tick.

What attracted you to Synapse?
I love to work in an environment where creativity and thinking way out of the box are not only valued but also strongly encouraged. I saw that in Synapse, as well as seeing a place where the result is the focus as opposed to the process.

Wait – isn’t PROCESS your focus?
Well sure, and process is extremely important. Too often, though, managers get bogged down trying to micro-manage how things are getting done rather than focusing on the quality of the output. A Team whose energies are more directed towards the way they are doing things instead of what needs to be accomplished is a Team that will never see the end product reach its full potential. Ideas are stunted and deadlines are often missed because of the need to “do it the right way.” I see my job as helping to integrate a system in which a series of “best practices” is put in place that eliminate the need for that overbearing process management, so that the processes become second nature and folks are freed up to make use of their creativity and areas of strength to create the best quality end result possible – effectively and efficiently. Processes are the vehicle that gets you to your destination; they shouldn’t be the destination itself.

When you’re not creating best practices for the Synapse Team, what are you doing?
This time of year, you’ll find me rooting for another winning Team, my beloved Philadelphia Phillies! If no game is on, I’m often found listening to music from my collection of over 3,500 titles – mostly vinyl(!) – or writing a new post for my personal blog. I actually write quite a lot. Like most writers, I do believe I have a book in me; and, like most writers, it has yet to come out!

What’s your first step in your journey with Synapse?
I’ll be beginning by helping to integrate a new software program, Workamajig, which will allow our Team to be even more efficient in bringing our client projects from initial conception to final product delivery. I am very much looking forward to the challenges this position will offer!


Creative agencies usually focus on, well, being creative.  But the business of running a growing (and award-winning) agency is just as important as the work we produce.  Since every project that we do requires a custom approach to meet our client’s unique needs, creating a workflow that produces an outstanding product that is delivered on-time and on-budget is a big undertaking.  Having great people is a terrific starting point, but putting them within the confines of bad processes rarely produces spectacular results.  I like to say:

Good people + Bad processes = Bad outcome
Bad people + Good processes = Bad outcome
Good people + Good processes = Good outcome

I truly believe we have the best people here at Synapse.  And we have good processes, too. But as we grow, our processes need to grow at the same pace too.  Refining proven processes, investing in technology and bringing people onto our Team to continually improve our workflow lets us focus on the thing we love most: producing spectacular work and results for our clients.

So, Bryan, welcome to Synapse.  On a closing note, I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite baseball players and managers, Yogi Berra:

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”

We’re glad you’re on the Team.


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