When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Post to Social Media

Did you know that some days (and times) are better than others for posting to social media?

It’s true. For example, social media analytics firm Socialbakers showed Facebook posts achieve 50 percent of their total reach within 30 minutes of being posted. In other words, half of all the people who will see your post have seen it within the first half-hour after you post it. Not only that, by the time 90 minutes have elapsed, your average post reaches less than 2 percent of total audience for the next seven hours before it drops off completely. That’s why timing your posts properly is the best strategy.

Below is an infographic showing the best days and times to post according to current research from Social Caffeine. Of course, every industry and audience is different, so use these stats as a guide – not a rule. Our best advice: use social media analytics to test deployment times and refine your social media strategy until you find the right times to deploy social posts for your business.

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