Creating a Well-Balanced Blog (infographic)

In many ways, a blog is “home base” for a company’s most valuable marketing content. While social media gets most of the attention these days, those networks act primarily as tools to distribute content from a blog, rather than the other way around. So how do some companies succeed in building a large following for their blog while others flounder and ultimately write off blogging as a waste of time?

Creating a variety of interesting content is one of the keys to building a successful and effective blog. So when I saw this recent LinkedIn article I just had to share. The author, Jason Miller, put it best: “Just as anyone would quickly tire of eating from the same food group day after day, your customers and prospects can grow tired of the same type of content again and again.”

Check out this smart infographic below and ask yourself: Am I serving up a well-balanced blog or am I sticking to just one or two food groups?

Creating a Well Balanced Blog

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