10 Tips That Will Rejuvenate Your Facebook Business Page

Are you spending a lot of time working on your Facebook page only to find that most, if not all, of your posts are producing minimal results? The good news is you are not alone. Nearly every marketer would love to increase reach and engagement on their Facebook page. More engagement – in the form of likes, comments, and shares – helps your future posts reach more people. In other words, better engagement directly leads to more of your posts showing in your fans’ newsfeeds and results in even more engagement. Sounds like a catch-22 to me!

For many companies, Facebook holds the key to more revenue and better brand awareness. Why? Because there are currently 1.5 billion users worldwide. I repeat: One point five. Billion. Users. Worldwide. Nearly 700 million of those people log onto Facebook every day, a 25 percent increase since 2012. The average user spends 15 to 30 hours per month browsing Facebook and more than 2.5 million websites are now integrated with Facebook. Facebook ain’t your daddy’s social network!

So, how can you leverage this huge universe of Facebook users to increase your page engagement? Consider today your lucky day because I’m about to share 10 surefire ways I’ve found to increase engagement on any Facebook business page!

1. Tell Your Fans What You Want Them To Do
Don’t be afraid to ask your fans to engage in the way you want. A Facebook post with a call-to-action that asks fans to like, comment, or rate your page receives 48 percent more engagement than a post that doesn’t. Create content that is authentic and relevant to your brand to make it feel ‘real’ and less like a pushy sales message.

2. Don’t Write Posts That Are Too Long
Facebook’s newsfeed is like a traffic jam. Quickly grab your fans’ attention by keeping status updates short and sweet. This can be tough, but try to limit your posts to about 100 characters. If you must write more, never exceed 250 characters.

3. Use Photos And Videos
We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? On Facebook, a picture or video is worth much more than that. Photos and videos are two of my favorite ways to build engagement because they stand out more than text-only status updates or posted links. Pictures and videos are engaging and easily digestible – plus they get shared three times more than text-only posts.

4. Ask The Right Questions
Some Facebook marketing gurus will tell you that yes/no questions are the best way to get comments on your posts. I completely disagree! Let’s imagine for a moment that someone asks you if you like roller coasters. That would prompt most people to answer “yes” or “no,” right? Would that compel you to type a comment on a post? What if you were instead asked, “What is most intense roller coaster you have ever ridden?” Which question would you be more likely to answer?

The most important thing to remember when posing questions on your posts is to make them relevant to your business and audience. If you sell garden tools, you could ask “What is your favorite project to do in the yard?” Avoid asking questions like “What’s your favorite car?” since it has no relevance to your gardening tool business. Posts with no relevance tend not to engage your fans or give you a reason to relate their comments to your company’s products.

5. Run Contests On Your Page
Contests are another great way to increase Facebook engagement. Not only do contests reward loyal fans, but they also creates excitement and will get users to frequently visit your Facebook page to check if they have won. Contests also deliver leads, build your fan base, create brand loyalty and – if done correctly – capture useful data.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with Facebook contests:

  • Limit the contest period to two to four weeks.
  • Follow Facebook’s promo and giveaway guidelines.
  • Capture desired information from your audience during the contest.
  • Don’t forget about your current fans. Contests that are only for ‘new fans’ will leave the rest of your audience feeling cheated and under-appreciated.
  • Give something they want. Even if your business isn’t in a “sexy” or “exciting” industry, there are plenty of giveaways that people will clamor for. Try different types of giveaways – free services, electronics, exclusive opportunities – and see which ones excite your audience.

6. Choose The Right Time To Post
The best time to post on Facebook varies for each individual business page (you can see when your fans are online in Facebook Insights), but it’s important to always keep newsfeed competition in mind. You already know how difficult it is to keep someone’s attention and stand out in a crowded newsfeed. When you post during the busiest hours of the day, you’re making your task even more challenging. During prime TV-watching hours, for example, your posts are directly competing for your fans’ attention as they’re engrossed in a favorite TV show, their friends, or other brands they follow. Increase your engagement by posting during non-busy hours.

7. Don’t Share Content That Has Nothing To Do With Your Business
It may be tempting to post that picture you personally found funny on your business page, but resist if you can. While a funny post may garner some engagement, it will also likely result in some negative feedback – which hurts your page’s performance. If you have a fun piece of content you’re dying to share, make sure to find a way to relate it to your business.

8. This Is NOT Traditional Marketing
Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing focuses on promoting and pushing out information while social media marketing is all about pulling your current customers back in to increase brand loyalty. Facebook’s platform is built for two-way conversations, not one-sided babble. Make the most of social media by listening, responding, and asking questions. The more authentic you are, the more relationships you will build – and the more likely your fans will want to engage with you and your brand.

9. Stop Focusing on Selling
People use Facebook to connect and interact with other people. That’s why your Facebook page should be friendly, laid-back and engaging. Use a conversational tone, tell stories, listen, and respond to the fans that are engaged. Remember, 80 percent of the content you post should be helpful or entertaining, while the other 20 percent can be used for self-promotion or sales.

10. Keep Your Posts Consistent
Posting too often or irregularly can affect your engagement rate. Set a goal for the number of posts you want to post each week, and create a social media calendar to help you accomplish it. I recommend posting 3 to 4 times a week. By sticking to a schedule, you’ll generate regular engagement; Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm likes this. Since it’s so easy to lose track of time and miss a post, rely on tools like the Facebook Scheduler to help you stay on track.

Mastering Facebook can be a challenge – but it’s worth it! Even a 5 percent improvement in engagement is a success which will reap rewards for your business. If you’re having trouble figuring out Facebook or struggling to keep up, start a conversation with us to learn how we can help you improve your company’s social media strategies.

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