AdWords and Analytics Certification = Better Results

Getting The Most From Your Marketing Dollar

Synapse is pleased to announce that we’ve added to our team of Google Certified professionals with the certification of Director of Digital Strategy Kevin Kresge in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Kevin is also CDIA+ and A+ certified. Digital Marketing Analyst Bryan Rutt also recently attained AdWords certification and is working toward Google Analytics certification.

What Certification Means

The AdWords and Analytics certifications demonstrate mastery of the principles needed to design and execute optimized marketing strategies online. “Google provides a suite of user-friendly tools that can be incredibly powerful in the right hands—and incredibly expensive in the wrong ones,” Kevin said. “Without a thorough understanding of Google’s policies and tools, it’s entirely possible—pretty easy, in fact—to blow a substantial online advertising budget without ever putting an ad in front of a qualified lead. Many businesses will run a poorly designed campaign and then conclude that online advertising is a gamble or, worse, a total waste. In the wrong hands, it is.”

When you work with certified Google professionals, you can be confident that every ad dollar you spend is contributing to your ultimate goal—not just burning through your ad dollars.

Want the Google Certified advantage for your next campaign? Get Certified Results Today

What an Optimized Campaign Does

A Google Certified professional will ensure that your online marketing efforts:

  • Feature the right keywords and phrases to draw customers to your site.
  • Screen out keywords that bring undesirable traffic.
  • Are set to the correct match type to ensure accurate targeting.
  • Reach the audience that actually buys from you—when they’re ready to buy.
  • Convert more leads.

“Just as with any other certified service professional, when you trust your online ad campaigns to a Google AdWords Certified marketing professional you can be confident you’re dealing with someone who will use AdWords’ tools and strategies to your greatest benefit,” Bryan said. “I’m very proud to be AdWords Certified, and pleased to be able to help our clients build successful campaigns.”

Get the Google Certification Edge

For Kevin Kresge, these most recent certifications underscore his team’s extensive experience with a range of Google tools. “These certifications, much like our Google Partners status, demonstrate a commitment to providing the most experienced and knowledgeable services and solutions to our clients,” Kevin said. “Ensuring skilled use of tools like Google Analytics and AdWords gives Synapse a distinct advantage over other agencies, and as a result, an advantage to our clients over their competition.”

Meet our Team

Kevin Kresge, director of digital strategy, is a Google Analytics and AdWords rock star.

Bryan Rutt, digital marketing analyst, also rocks Google AdWords and is on his way to certification in Analytics.


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