Why Our CEO Took 17 Pies in the Face

What would you take a pie in the face for?

At Synapse, that’s not an idle question. Synapse Founder and CEO Bobby Deraco and several members of our leadership team recently got creamed to raise money for the fight against blood cancers.

For several years, Synapse has supported the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual Light the Night Walk through Team A&B, founded in honor of Bobby’s stepfather, Bruce Eckert, who is battling multiple myeloma. Last year, employees donated for the chance to dress casually in August. This year, we wanted to top our efforts.

Our Thoughts Turn, as Always, to Food

Before long, one of our creative minds fronted the idea of auctioning off opportunities to throw pies at one another. Bobby and Aimée Urban, our president and COO, not only agreed, but sweetened the deal: if we raised more money than last year, we would go casual permanently.

Taking One for the Team

Bobby led the charge, taking no fewer than 17 pies in the face. Aimée also took a pie in the face, as did Mike Deraco, vice president of Production, Andy Koo, vice president of Interactive Services, and Skip Feister, distribution specialist. When the cream settled (and Skip had washed and blow dried his hair back to its customary perfection), we’d raised more than $2,500 for Team A&B.

Positivity and Commitment

Bruce has always fought his battle against myeloma with signature positivity. Our pie “battle” was fought in the same spirit. It certainly demonstrated Positivity and Commitment, two of the core values that are painted on our walls here in bright Synapse orange. Many of our employees continued the commitment by joining Team A&B in the Lancaster Light the Night Walk, helping Team A&B achieve record donations of more than $11,765. In addition, Synapse extended the commitment year-round by establishing an annual $5,000 scholarship for blood cancer research named in Bruce’s honor.

Fun With Purpose

We exceeded our goal and are now an all-casual workplace (a good thing in an office where pies sometimes fly). We also had a lot of fun together. It may be a by-product of working in marketing, or of the off-beat types we tend to attract, but we take our fun seriously here at Synapse—not just because we’ll do anything for a good laugh (we will), but because it works. Just ask Bruce Eckert.

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The Synapse Team after the Pie in the Face Contest.

Bruce Eckert with his wife Diane at the Lancaster Light the Night Walk. Their team raised more than $11,765 to fight blood cancer.

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