Redefining Responsive: The Reading Truck Body Website

A good website looks great and draws users down the sales funnel with every click. A great one does all that while lightening your workload. We’re proud to unveil the Reading Truck Body website, a user-friendly site that showcases the highly regarded Reading brand while solving several challenges for Reading’s key partners and teams.

Screenshot of the new Reading Truck Body homepage

Agile, Mobile and User-Friendly

Reading’s former site was out of date and not optimized for mobile users.

The previous Reading Truck Body site was not responsive or mobile friendly

With nearly 30% of all web users browsing sites on a mobile device, a responsive site is no longer simply nice to have—it’s expected. Reading’s new responsive website encourages users to browse their award-winning truck bodies on screens big and small. The site has been tested across a full range of phones, tablets and computers and in multiple operating systems and browsers to ensure that all users get the same level of performance.

The new Reading Truck Body responsive website as it appears on an Apple iPhone

Stunning Product Pages

The design of the new site has a strong, unified brand identity. It places Reading’s truck bodies front and center, with large, engaging photos and easy navigation that quickly steers users to products of interest. The site features deep, optimized content. Its architecture is also optimized for search and user experience to ensure that online shoppers are funneled toward a sale at every phase of their search.

Before:                                                                    After:

The previous Reading Truck Body site was not responsive or mobile friendlyThe updated responsive Reading Truck Body product page


Solutions by Industry

The new site makes it easy for users to quickly dial down to relevant content. A Solutions by Industry page guides visitors to products of interest and suggests features to make their jobs easier.

The new Reading Truck Body responsive "Solutions by Industry" page

Product Comparison Tool

The new site also features a product comparison page that helps users quickly discern key differences between body styles, further enhancing the user’s experience.

The new Reading Truck Body product comparison tool

Distributor Locator

Reading’s former site made it difficult for users to connect with distributors, throwing a hurdle in front of customers who were ready to buy. Their new site features a customized distributor locator that is visually appealing and easy to use, drawing users through to the ordering process in a few clicks.


Easy Document Sharing

Due to the size and complexity of Reading’s business, the company needed a hub that could store, share and interface a wealth of documents and data. The documents included pdfs, responsive forms, spreadsheets and more. Their new document center makes it easy for distributors and sales reps to access the tools they need while keeping confidential information secure.

The new Reading Truck Body Online Document Resource Center


SalesForce CRM Integration

Reading’s new site is integrated with SalesForce, which allows it to automate lead nurturing and other processes that Reading staff used to handle manually. The result is more reliable data, better and faster follow-through and major time savings.

Easy to Manage and Maintain

Finally, Reading’s former content management system was very difficult to update and manage. Adding or changing web pages or products was cumbersome at best, which led to a lot of missing and dated information—and missed opportunities.

We developed a highly customized WordPress and ecommerce platform that makes it easy for Reading’s marketing team to keep the site fresh and accurate, ensuring that it continues to perform for them as their business grows and changes.

So How Responsive Is Your Site . . . Really?

Is your website putting work on your plate or taking it away? Does it make doing business with you easier for your key partners, or harder? Does it make your customers want to buy or drive them away? If not, isn’t it time to talk to Synapse?

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The new Reading Truck Body responsive design, mobile friendly website


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