Google Testing Mobile Readiness as SEO Ranking Factor

Just Finished Polishing the Crystal Ball

Fully Responsive Web DesignSeriously, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought I had one. Just the other week I posted a story about the reasons that you need a responsive website, with reason number one being that Google is moving towards the better user experience of mobile. Only a few days later, Google unofficially (read “officially”) has confirmed that they are testing mobile friendly site design as a ranking factor. Also, they are definitely including the “mobile friendly” moniker on responsive sites in mobile search results.

What You Need to Know About “Mobile Friendly”

Mobile friendly web design is also known as adaptive design and responsive design. Though adaptive design and responsive design are different in how they behave, both are considered to be mobile friendly. Responsive, however, is the preferred method for best user experience.

Adaptive design changes what is displayed based on the viewport or screen size. This can be disjointed and not at all smooth as adaptive design typically doesn’t use any CSS3 transforms or easing to adjust or resize elements. Responsive smoothly changes what content is displayed and how, is easy on the eye, and provides a far better user experience.

This all means one thing: users on mobile get exactly what they are looking for from responsive design. This is so important since Google is all about the “best user experience.”

All About User Experience

As I said, Google announced that they are testing mobile as a ranking factor for SERP and now will be including the “mobile friendly” note going forward. This may only affect mobile search results, but considering the statistics regarding CTR on mobile search, it has become extremely clear that you want to rank #1 on mobile results.

Responsive Design Is What We Do

I’m not bragging on Synapse. Ok, yes I am. We do responsive web design really, really well. Just take a look at another blog post from last week about the new Reading Truck Body website. From the ground up, we built the Reading site to work on any browsing platform, and as part of the project tested the new site on just about any device imaginable. Feedback from the client and the response from the public has been outstanding, and that is just one example of the level of mobile friendly work of which Synapse is capable.

Designing For Mobile: The Future Is Now

(Insert “Spaceballs” reference here.) In all seriousness, Google is no longer toying with this idea. They are moving at ludicrous speeds towards making mobile a serious component of the web — and they aren’t alone:  while Bing only accounts for around 10% of global search market share, they are also making strides towards mobile compatibility being a ranking factor.

When will then be now? Soon.

Don’t Be Responsive — Get Responsive

Synapse is here to help. We know how to build for SEO best practices which means that you will rank well, regardless of device. We do the research up front to get the best results when the new site goes live.

Contact the Responsive Design Experts at Synapse today, and get responsive.


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