Top 10 Best Practices for an Effective Landing Page

Sign Up Landing PageLanding pages are without a doubt one of the best tactics out there for addressing multiple channels of inbound lead traffic. Here are a few channels that can benefit from a good landing page:

You may have noticed that they are all different, separated by bullet points. There’s a reason. Actually, there are 10 great reasons that can work as a solid starting point for any landing page.

10. Consider the Source

Direct marketing emails are written differently than PPC ads. PPC ads are written differently than display ads. Each channel has a specific purpose and audience, and that’s something you cannot afford to ignore. This means that each channel used really should direct traffic to a unique landing page that is written to match the style used in the channel.

9. Don’t Dilute the Message

A landing page has one purpose: conversion. If you are trying to sell flying red widgets, but have distractions and options for remote controlled blue widgets you have diluted the message and the inbound lead may bounce. Keep the messaging on point.

8.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In this case, we’re not far from the truth. You should guide the prospective lead where you want them to go. This means using images and shapes that lead the eye of the reader to your CTA or conversion point. Big arrows pointing at a button, or even an image of someone pointing or looking at the CTA will cause the reader’s eye to land on your conversion point.

7. Keep It Simple

Notice how I started this post with bullet points? You knew exactly what I was talking about almost immediately mostly because the message was focused and to the point. Don’t be afraid to simplify long text or features and benefits into a list. It moves the reader along while communicating the important information quickly.

6. Seriously, Use a Landing Page

Never, ever send inbound traffic to your homepage. You are running a campaign for a reason, typically trying to sell a specific product or service. In the case of PPC campaigns, you have appeared in front of an audience that is already searching for your flying red widget. Why would you make them search for it again by dropping them on your homepage?

5. Consider Your Audience

You may need more than one page, even if you are selling the same product or service. Does the product or service work differently for men than it does for women?

Landing Pages4. Use Video

Video has been shown to increase conversions by nearly 80%. People get the information they need quickly and easily, and can know almost immediately if it is the product they want.

What kind of videos do you view on YouTube? If you are like me that list includes reviews and DIY videos. A conversion-oriented landing page with a video like that is golden.

3. A/B Test

It is never a bad idea to see if a new idea works better than an old one. With the advent of systems like WordPress it is possible to use plugins to help you A/B test new ideas. The system automatically directs traffic between two versions of a landing page, and gives you statistics as to which converted more effectively.

2. Keep it Short

Point 8 was all about how to move people around, but keep in mind that making the user scroll to convert, or having the CTA or form below the fold is going to reduce your conversions. At best, keep the CTA or form above the fold. At worst, make it clear with a gigantic glowing arrow where they must go if there is some scrolling involved.

Keep the copy short and to the point, removing any unnecessary content.

1. Make it Worth Their While

Offer a discount, free shipping, or some other incentive to help drive conversions. Nothing makes people convert faster than receiving something more than the perceived value.

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