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Building a Model of Prosperity: Who’s Job is it?

This word prosperity has been thrown around a lot lately and if you have not heard it, I assume you live under a rock. What is prosperity anyway? With a little help from my friend, I found two definitions. … Continue reading

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I keep hearing about QR codes…what’s a QR Code?

Everyone is familiar with barcodes (or UPC) and that they are used to scan an item. Most commonly used in retail stores, barcodes tell the computer the price of the item and update the store’s database on how many of … Continue reading

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Accepting Browser Differences (or “Why Doesn’t My Site Look Exactly Like The Original Design?”)

All great websites begin with a strong creative design. When building a site, we use this design as our guide during the coding phase. This is what we’re looking to duplicate as closely as possible in an accessible and usable … Continue reading

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A Resolution To Keep

No, the resolution I am referring to is not about losing weight, quitting smoking or controlling road rage. I am referring to image resolution for your print projects. Let’s say you have found or photographed the perfect image and you … Continue reading

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Should My Business Have A Mobile Application?

Development of mobile apps has recently exploded. Almost 8 billion apps were downloaded in 2010 and that number will likely increase to 50 billion in 2011. There is no question that mobile apps are on the rise with the release … Continue reading

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Become a Power Networker in 10 Easy Steps

Networking comes very easy to some but we all know too well that meeting strangers can leave some people feeling very uneasy. To ease the pain, here are 10 easy to follow steps to get you started on the right … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation

One of my favorite business quotes is, “The Law of Gravity applies to business. If your company is not growing, it is receding.” If I had to improve upon that phrase, I would exchange the word ‘growing’ for ‘innovating’ and … Continue reading

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Introducing Google+

Let me ask you, how many social networks is your business using? You’ve likely lost track. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are popular because they allow you to advertise to both customers and prospects in one place, often for … Continue reading

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