What Our Clients Say

Our clients are rooted in nearly every industry, from Fortune 100 powerhouses to solid middle-market companies and well-funded startups. No matter what the industry, size of company, or marketing goals, we pour our heart and soul into each and every project.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients based upon mutual trust, respect, value delivered and performance. When we make a commitment to our clients, it's as good as done. That's how we earned our motto: Whatever it Takes.

Yes, we are top professionals in our field. But we’re fun, nice people to work with, too. Always professional; always working with your best interests in mind. Read on to hear what our clients say about their experience in working with Synapse.

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I'm so glad I found you guys. Pam [our account manager] has made herself available to me almost anytime, and is putting in extra time to make sure that we’re happy and that everything is right. She stays calm even when we change our minds.
Kristy S., Marketing Specialist, DSS Corp.
Synapse has created and executed various campaigns for Dutch Wonderland, all with fantastic results! We have been very impressed by the skill and innovation of their entire team. Each campaign was presented in a clear and descriptive format that showed how our budget would be put to work. Throughout the course of the campaign, we received updates from our account rep. At the conclusion of the campaign, we received a detailed summary of the ROI as well as other valuable feedback. We value our relationship with Synapse as a vital resource for e-commerce expertise and consider them an extension of our team!
Ashlee H., Marketing Manager, Palace Entertainment/Dutch Wonderland
I deal with many consultants and vendors every day and I have to applaud Synapse for their innovative ideas, dedication to the project, and their upscale level of service.  The thought of pulling together a new corporate video seemed daunting to me, but the team at Synapse listened to my ideas, provided comprehensive feedback, and framed out the process and timeline for me, eliminating many of my concerns.  Their staff is both knowledgeable and professional and goes to great lengths to understand our needs and market approach.   I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process.  Their communication throughout the project was awesome and the finished product far exceeded our expectations.  We unveiled the new company video at a community grand opening on April 6, 2013 and were extremely pleased to hear all the positive “chatter” about the video.   I greatly value the partnership Landmark Homes has with Synapse and look forward to working with them on many more projects.  The Synapse team truly loves what they do and it shows throughout their work.
Stephanie U., Marketing Specialist, Landmark Homes
Our partnership with Synapse has allowed us to have several extra right hands when we’ve needed them most. Everyone is easy to work with, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Staff is in touch with current trends, is creative, and has a good handle on what works and what probably won’t. They deliver on time and are thorough with ongoing follow up so you always know where your project stands. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll go above and beyond to find it. They make you feel as though your company is the only company they are working with at the time.
Lisa P., Marketing Specialist, Members 1st FCU
The services provided by Synapse were done so with utmost professionalism, in a timely manner, and for a fair price. Synapse truly teamed up with us to bring our vision to life. As such, we have become recognized nationally, and our company is scaling quickly. We are truly amazed with the search engine optimization results. All of our websites are ranking on the first page! We love our award winning brochures, labels and packaging. Synapse designed for our product lines. As an entrepreneur, I have worked with several website development companies. Simply put I was less than satisfied with the results. Synapse was the ultimate breath of fresh air and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about growing their company and stepping into success. I want to personally thank Synapse for their steadfast commitment, professionalism, and dedication to the success of 360 Coatings.
Linh L., CEO, 360 Coatings
I am writing this letter to express my deepest appreciation to Synapse Marketing Solutions. I am extremely pleased with their services. Hiring Synapse was the best business decision I’ve made. The Synapse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Their culture, attitude and work ethic are unparalleled! Everything Synapse produced for my site was customized with superb quality; their acumen for building technology and marketing is second to none. The complexity of my project was significant and few developers could handle the heavy lifting it required. Synapse has surpassed all expectations going above and beyond. Our working relationship has been outstanding, I feel as though I was able to forge lifelong friendships. I can never thank Synapse enough for their hard work and dedication to my company’s success. I could never offer a higher recommendation of any business than Synapse. I welcome any direct calls to learn more have how working with Synapse will be the best business decision you’ve ever made.
David R., CEO, DealBurglar
Synapse Marketing was able to totally rebuild the Palmer website, adding major enhancements within 30 days, a phenomenal feat. RM Palmer’s total social networking plan is being handled by Synapse and during the Easter holiday season their posts were fun, interactive and “like” building. RM Palmer has many marketing goals in the next few years and Synapse will be able to attain them all.
Dave A., Director of Sales & Marketing, RM Palmer Company
Synapse isn't a vendor; they are an extension of our department.
Mike H., Marketing Manager, US Boiler Company
Whether we are looking for an integrated marketing program or
simply need to be rescued at a trade show with an additional collateral pieces,
Synapse consistently delivers for us—150%.
I know we can call Synapse and that they will deliveralways with a smile
and glad to help in any way they can.
Kristen S., Director of Marketing, Precyse Solutions
Synapse offers uniquely innovative
solutions that are unavailable from
traditional printers. They take the
worry out of handling tricky schedules
and producing quality print materials
on time and within budget—and with
excellent customer service, following up consistently and fully delivering on what was promised.
Linda F., Creative Director
My companies are
dependent upon Synapse
for a number of our most
important printing needs, and they always meet the challenges given them.
Steve G., CEO, Diamond Publications
Bobby's [Synapse's founder] energy,
integrity, commitment to excellence and
unbelievably savvy entrepreneurial
skills make him a valuable part of my
team. I credit Bobby and Synapse with
helping me double the size of my
company in less than two years. You
simply can’t ask for anything more
from a partner.
Jim P., CEO, The Newsletter Guru
Your team should be commended for their high level of customer service and
professionalism at every level. From your “command staff” to the guy
in the warehouse… everyone looks sharp, acts sharp and is a true representation of doing
“whatever it takes”. You run a tight ship and it shows.
Jason S., President, Cops & Rodders
I choose to work with Synapse because they always have my best interests in mind.
They are incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing,
and they take the time to ensure that my objectives and budgets are met for each project.
I consider Synapse a critical part of my business success.
Tess W., President, Tess Wittler Communications
The print work, website,
and facebook all looked
“pro-level” and, to me,
makes my competitors
look like an
elementary student does
their advertising.
Jason S., President
Cops & Rodders
Their knowledge of the latest
printing techniques has helped
me many times get a better
result than I expected—at a
better price—and always on
time. Synapse is an asset to
my design team.
Malinda S., Director of Design, D & E Communications
We just closed May.
Revenues reached a
record for the month of
May. Thank you and your
team for helping us
reach our goals.
Brad B., VP of Marketing, Kline's Services
The team at Synapse has a way of troubleshooting like no one I’ve ever worked with before.
Harriet H., Director of Marketing, Alzheimer's Association
Synapse saves me time, money and a lot of headaches.
Char D., Director of Marketing, Millersville University
Great job in translating
what we needed into a
working system. We also
appreciate all your help and expertise with
working out how to host
our new program.
Tina T., Director of Marketing
& Advertising, INTER!ORS
Just wanted to comment on
Synapse working with me to get
the books to Anahiem. The box of
books were waiting for me when I
checked into the hotel on July
22nd. This was a flawless
transaction. Please share this with
your staff. I appreciated their
excellent service.
Pat G., VP Events, US Doll Collectors Association
We received the finished product
brochures last week and I showed
them to our CEO. His comment:
“Wow, look at the color and the
clarity. They did a really great job on
We are very happy with
what Synapse is doing for us and I
just want to say “Thank you”. We
appreciate your attention to detail.
Janie M., Marketing, Brubacher Excavating
One of Synapse's key attributes is that they never focus on ‘selling’ me anything; rather they
educate me on my options so I can make choices about the
products and services that best fit my situation. As a result, I have gained insight
that has benefitted my organization in many ways.
Renny M., Director of Communications, Tel Hai Retirement Communities
Synapse's willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for me has not only made me look good personally,
but has contributed to my company's continued success.
Barbara U., VP Marketing, Prevo Cabinetry
Synapse is so easy to work
with. They really took the time
to understand our products
and the unique needs of our
website. I'd recommend
Synapse to anybody who wants to increase their
marketing impact. I can't wait
to work with Synapse again!
Jason W., Marketing Manager, Burnham Commercial
I wanted to make sure you’ve heard
that we had the best customer store
traffic since April in July. It also
translated into a good sales month.
Interestingly, July is usually one of our
slowest customer traffic months so we
were very pleasantly surprised. I just
wanted to thank you for bringing the
July Marketing Campaign concept to
us, as well as the help of your firm in
making it all happen.
Todd L., President, INTER!ORS
Thank you! You are so
fabulous!!! I know you must
be extremely busy, yet you
make me feel like my tiny
order is your top priority
Thank you for the Ritz
Janie M., Marketing, Brubacher Excavating
I have always been impressed with the exemplary levels of professionalism and reliability our company
has received from Synapse & Bobby Deraco. As with most projects, there are usually deadlines that need
to be met but Synapse has always delivered the job on time and on budget with a great “can do” attitude that we appreciate.
I recently toured the offices and found out how much more this company offers: creative, web design, custom software,
the list seems bottomless. Savvy, intelligent, well read and in-touch are words I would use
to describe Bobby. His team is well rounded and shares Bobby's passion and enthusiasm for his industry.
I'm glad we're a customer of Synapse.
Owen B., VP Marketing, Mid-Atlantic Concrete