About Synapse Marketing Solutions

Synapse is an award-winning digital and brand marketing firm that creates solutions that deliver impressive results for our clients.

Our comprehensive suite of services offers the flexibility, experience and competitive advantage provided by the best agencies — a partner that can think, create, execute and analyze.

What makes us different? Read on below and find out.

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Insights What Makes Synapse Unique?

Top Talent

Every Synapsian has a unique talent and experience to share with you. And when talent and experience come together, positive results soon follow. And since every Synapsian is a full-time on-site employee, you never have to worry about freelancers or contract workers handling your project and confidential information.


As much as our business is science, it is art as well. We are always setting the bar higher in terms of our creativity. For us, this means:

  • Are we constantly honing our ability to approach challenges and solve them creatively?
  • Are we continually improving the processes we follow to create our work?
  • Are we continually improving our creative products?

Innovative Imagination

The Synapsians are an innovative bunch. Rather than follow trends, we draw on nearly 400 years of collective marketing experience to produce results that work for our clients. From internal research to patents, we share our knowledge with our clients and industry in hopes that our findings lead to better and more effective ways to market to today's consumers.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein


We have a genuine love for our craft. That passion spills over into your business, too. Our commitment is that we will never "just go through the motions".

Simply put, we treat your business like it is our own. If we wouldn't do it, spend it, or cut a corner for our business, we won't for yours, either.

Red Carpet Service

We strive to provide you with the most attentive, knowledgeable and helpful level of service available.

Since every client has unique needs and communicates differently, we never put our clients into a box when it comes to service. We seek to learn how you like to do business and introduce you to processes proven to deliver on-time, on-budget projects every time. Our team of Account Managers is solely dedicated to providing our clients with a level of service unmatched in our industry.

Results-Driven Performance

Everything we do works to achieve your desired outcome and is measurable by 3rd party sources like Google Analytics. Since our DNA is rooted in database marketing, we understand data and how to develop meaningful metrics that will provide insight into your business.

Our goal for every Synapse client is to deliver a minimum of 2x ROI for every project entrusted to us.