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BrightSign provides market-leading digital signage players, operated by their purpose-built operating system, and presentation authoring software for some of the world’s largest retailers, corporations, entertainment venues, restaurants, and higher education institutions. Their solid-state digital signage media players set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use, and interactivity. BrightSign partners with industry-leading CMS, content, and technology providers to deliver vertically targeted solutions for any digital signage application. To support their future growth objectives and enhance customer experience, they were seeking to partner with a B2B focused digital agency to design, build, and launch a new and improved, expansive ecommerce website at

The Challenge
As the team at BrightSign prepared for the new Series 5 product launch, they partnered with Synapse to clarify and elevate their brand, develop a custom website, and appeal to the buyer driven purchasing cycle by highlighting the unique and brilliant experiences that their players and software create. The brand itself needed to maintain a level of affluence, highlighting the innovative global impact their products have in the marketplace. I would need to drive traffic, increase engagement, and convert leads.

Their former website consisted of multiple domains and microsites, customer portals, and databases that required extensive upkeep from their global team. The siteflow and page layouts created a confusing user experience and interface, leading to high bounce rates and lost conversions. Our technical analysis at Synapse concluded that while there was a plethora of fantastic experiential and technical content on the site. But due to the user experience, traffic struggled to move through the sales funnel and could not be properly utilized in their lead generation and acquisition tactics. Consisting of hundreds of blogs, case studies, product descriptions, and company details, BrightSign would also need to have their site content optimized for search and conversion rate. Large scale technical writing improvements for lead gen would be quite an undertaking, but one the team at Synapse embraced readily. Once the BrightSign website was finished it would require a robust omni-channel Demand & Lead Gen strategy to drive new B2B customers at scale. Finally, Synapse would need to reengage current and former customers and leads to visit the site, engage with the refreshed brand and new product line, and enter the sales funnel to drive further revenue.

The Solution
Our CEO, Bobby Deraco collaborated closely with BrightSign’s C-Level Executive leadership teams, leading national board meetings, conducting on site Digital Marketing workshops, and refreshing BrightSign’s brand with careful leadership input to elevate it to new target audiences. Synapse developed an extensive web build plan encompassing the use of Salesforce, WordpPess CMS, and integrations with NetSuite WebStore, ZenDesk Web Widget, Confluence, MiniOrange, ZoomInfo, and Pardot. These integrations would unify multiple disparate tools and microsites into a cohesive, user-friendly powerhouse of a website. We determined the need for a Store, Support Site, Document Center, and Customer Portal all carefully encompassed within the website for ease of use on the customer and client side. Hundreds of resources were optimized for SEO, paired down for readability, and enhanced for engagement from web users. Our digital marketing strategists developed an omni-channel strategy designed to attract new users, remarket to former users, and drive leads into the funnel leading to revenue opportunities for BrightSign’s sales team.

The Result

  • Developed an engaging brand identity that aligned with multiple target audiences and unified BrightSign’s messaging and communication.
  • Simplified site management and upkeep by integrating multiple data points into the fully custom, new BrightSign website.
  • Created a live insights Google Looker Studio Dashboard to to unify and track website, sales, and marketing trends, performance, and ROI in one streamlined location.
  • Organic Traffic from SEO improvements generated 119,071 Clicks, an increase of 19.37% Year-Over-Year (YOY).
  • Average Website Click-Through-Rate (CTR) increased by 39.13% YoY.
  • New Website saw 91,734 users in the first two months.
  • Generated 17,784 new Leads into BrightSign’s Salesforce CRM.

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