Lead Generation Campaign

The Challenge
Colleges and Universities in the U.S. are embracing new tools and technology to enhance student experience, learning techniques, and alumni relationships. BrightSign, a leading provider of advanced digital signage solutions, recognized the growing need for digital communications in Higher Ed. Their product line offers immersive signage experiences, including live streaming, touchscreen, and interactive features, which are ideal for boosting school spirit and transforming traditional learning. To start this conversation with decision-makers from leading educational institutions, BrightSign partnered with Synapse to create a targeted marketing campaign to generate ready-to-buy leads.

The Solution
To help generate qualified leads for BrightSign’s sales team, we created a strategy for a highly-targeted multi-channel digital campaign with a number of thoughtful components.

  1. ZoomInfo Audience Targeting: To develop a targeted audience for this campaign, we used ZoomInfo’s Streaming Intent platform to identify prospects that were researching digital signage for their university.  We then wrote an automated script that sent these prospects to Pardot as they were identified, connecting with the prospect when they were ready for a conversation.
  2. Custom Landing Page: Synapse’s strategists and creative team collaborated to create an informative and exciting campaign landing page. Our research-based landing page content provided useful insights on how our target audience could use BrightSign players to develop an effective on-campus digital communication strategy, without being “too sale-sy.” Timely and relevant, the landing page contained tons of interesting tips, case studies, application examples and visuals. It also featured a Pardot-integrated form for booking a complimentary consultation with BrightSign. In the background, we set-up Pardot to score each lead, send out follow-up nurturing emails, and automate the hand-off to the Sales Team.
  3. Email Campaigns: Synapse’s digital marketing strategists leveraged Salesforce and Pardot to send a series of targeted emails – showcasing valuable content and generating brand awareness – to our Higher Ed decision-makers in ZoomInfo. This drove nearly 1,000 visits to the landing page in just under two weeks’ time.
  4. LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: We leveraged the ZoomInfo data to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences in LinkedIn, then targeted each audience with a six–ad campaign to generate awareness and drive interest.
  5. LinkedIn Remarketing Campaigns: To optimize results, we launched a remarketing campaign to create familiarity from prospects who had engaged with our ads or visited the landing page, increasing the likelihood of conversion into a lead.
  6. Campaign Dashboard: We built a custom Google Data Studio dashboard to measure the performance of our campaign, pulling in data from Pardot, the email campaigns, LinkedIn ads, and the landing page. This dashboard provided insight that helped us optimize the campaigns and improve ROI throughout the campaign.

The Results
The lead gen campaign created awareness and interest from more than 4,000 top colleges and universities.

  • Delivered dozens of leads to BrightSign’s sales team.
  • Assisted in driving record-setting traffic to BrightSign’s booth at InfoComm 2023.
  • Built up prospect database and learnings for future campaigns.
  • Generated more than $500,000 in sales opportunities.

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