True Temper® & Craftsman®

Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Challenge
A national brand with an expansive target audience, Craftsman and True Temper wanted to tap into new markets, expand its reach, and increase sales volume by leveraging digital marketing campaigns. They needed a Digital Marketing Agency with the ability to design ads that would convert and place those ads in ideal marketing channels and locations to attract their target audience and move leads through their sales funnel. A seasonally focused business, True Temper required a heavy lift in their sales during their Spring campaign. Wanting to receive the best ROI they turned to Synapse for marketing strategy on ad placement, design, positioning, and budget optimization.

The Solution
Synapse launched national consumer marketing campaigns for True Temper’s tool brand and big box retailer during the busy spring season. Our designers selected imagery showcasing tools in action, leaning on the human element of their intended use for relatability. Leveraging target audience data, we strategized promotions, branding, ad language, and ad spends budgets to develop ads that would attract clicks to learn more and purchase. By designing a variety of ad sets that could be served in both paid search and remarketing, mobile, tablet and desktop, we were able to attract new customers, increase the likelihood of ecommerce sales, remarket to previous site visitors and customers, and reduce cart abandonments with our remarketing campaigns. Utilizing a variety of ad platforms including paid Facebook ads, Google Display ads and more, we were able to accomplish and exceed Craftsman and True Tempers goals.

The Result

  • Significant increase in revenue.
  • Increase in site traffic.
  • Reduced cart abandonment.
  • Improved CTR on website.

From the Client
“Synapse is a great digital team to work with. Responsive and knowledgeable for web and other digital platforms and campaigns. They listen and always provide a solution to my problems.”