Website Refresh & Demand Gen

EasyPak is an innovative food packaging company that creates hundreds of combinations of sizes, shapes, materials, and special features, providing both attractive and reliable solutions for your thermoformed packaging needs. Synapse recently launched a refreshed website for EasyPak and then rolled out a series of demand gen campaigns utilizing our proven marketing model, Synergy. Learn more about

The Challenge
After launching EasyPak’s newly designed website, they wanted a way to stand out from their competitors by providing unique ways to showcase their vast variety of product options, features, and experiences. With stellar product photography already in place, they needed a way for their site visitors to narrow down their search to locate the exact packaging solutions for their products. They also wanted to increase contact form submissions and sample requests for fast contact with EasyPak’s sales team and to drive leads to their CRM.

The Solution
Synpase developed a state of the art “Product Search” tool for the EasyPak website to help site visitors easily locate the ideal product for their needs. The search tool utilized a custom created decision tree developed with the assistance of EasyPak’s engineers. As users moved through the decision tree, key data was captured all leading to a contact form submission at the end. This data was automatically entered into EasyPak’s CRM for easy lead tracking and follow-up by the sales team. To add to the lead generation on the website, a “Sample Request” feature was developed, pulling from EasyPak’s internal sample inventory for simplified internal stocking operations enhanced sales metrics on most popular products. All of this data is continually utilized to help Synapse develop custom audiences and targeted search campaigns to drive new traffic to the website. For site visitors who didn’t complete one of the call-to-actions, remarketing campaigns were creatively designed and ran on LinkedIn and Google to attract warm leads back to the website and increase conversion likelihood. Our team of expert SEO copywriters developed a series of blogs and articles around each product to boost search rankings and reach leads in search. We utilize Google Display, Social Media Remarketing, and on-going SEO improvements to copy to drive new leads to the website, convert warm leads, and sustainably generate organic traffic to the website for the long-term.

The Result

  • All traffic trending upward since launch
  • 53% Increase in New Users
  • 47% Increase in Site Visits
  • 367% Increase in Paid Search Traffic
  • 116% Increase in Referral Traffic

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