Easy Home Meals

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The Challenge
Promote March Frozen Food Month, with a goal of increasing consumer interest in frozen food products as a convenient and healthy meal option.

The Solution
We developed social media and digital advertising campaigns focused on brand awareness and consumer engagement – anchored by a sweepstakes with tons of giveaways – and honed in on the right audience using data-driven targeting via Facebook ads, programmatic display ads, Instagram marketing and interactive contest landing pages.

The Result

  • Generated 2.2 million brand impressions, increasing product awareness to the highest levels in 12 months
  • Produced 251,000 additional website visits, an 11% increase vs. 2018
  • Increased engagement with ads and website by 217% using compelling ad creative and modern, informative landing pages
  • Earned 16,000 new email addresses for monthly email marketing campaigns
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