Demand & Lead Generation

Support your busy sales team with an effective lead generation strategy by Synapse. Whether you are looking to expand into eCommerce, power up your website, launch a new product, or break into a new market, our proven lead gen strategies will generate more revenue and help your business rise above the competition.

  • Campaign Strategy

For more than two decades, we’ve been creating high-performing lead gen strategies for B2B and B2C brands in a wide variety of industries.  When you partner with Synapse, you get a complete lead gen strategy that gets results: from messaging and content creation, prospect identification and list development, to campaign planning, media buying, production, testing, and post-campaign analysis.

  • Multichannel Campaigns

More channels mean better results. As experts in multi-channel and omnichannel marketing, we know how to grab attention and get prospects to take action wherever they live, play, shop and work.  Whether you need ongoing support or just want to make a quick impact, you can count on our skilled production team and project managers to create tightly-coordinated, cohesive campaigns that amplify your brand’s visibility and attract qualified prospects.

  • ABM Campaigns

We go the extra mile by implementing proven Account-Based Marketing tactics that help B2B sales teams win key accounts. By identifying high-value prospects and engaging them through personalized outreach, interesting content, and automated conversations, our strategies build and nurture strong relationships with key prospects until they are ready to talk to Sales.

  • Continuous Optimization

We’re committed to delivering exceptional results. Never one to get complacent, our team constantly monitors and optimizes your lead generation campaigns to improve results and ROI. We also stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, techniques, and algorithms to keep you one step ahead of your competition.  Finally, we’ll help you understand campaign performance and attribution using our popular Marketing Performance Dashboards, so you can learn what worked – and what can be improved upon.

In addition to demand and lead generation campaigns, we can also help you close more deals with smart sales collateral, gain efficiency with CRM and marketing automation systems, strengthen the customer experience with online customer portals, and create tailored messaging strategies that encourage conversations and conversions.

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