Digital Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

Synapse creates SEO, PPC, and custom search marketing strategies that deliver ROI in the form of leads, online sales and store traffic – not just more website visits. Whether your current search engine optimization company is under-performing or you are ready to get into Google Ads and PPC marketing, we can design custom search engine marketing plans that grow over time as results are achieved, offering competitive CPLs and click costs.

We design, develop, and employ custom landing pages that direct customers to specific pages on your site. Using advanced insights, we effectively analyze data and trends to get the most out of campaign and site performance.

Our digital strategists have more than twenty years of experience in search engine marketing and utilize the latest machine-learning tools to get every possible lead out of our client’s budgets. This high-touch and integrated approach to SEO and Paid Search, along with expertise in other paid channels, has earned us Google’s highest status, Premier Partner.

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