Synergy B2B Demand Gen Program

Synergy is a proven marketing methodology invented by Bobby Deraco, Synapse’s founder, based on his work with 1,250 companies. It is a framework that contains the elements necessary to grow revenue: ACTIVATE, CREATE, ENGAGE, GROW, OPTIMIZE.  Working together to drive results, these elements are components of the most successful brand and demand generation strategies ever developed.

Although proven to be effective, most organizations do not possess the experience or resources to put every element in place, at the right time, in the right way.  This creates gaps and weaknesses in their marketing strategy, which lead to lower profitability, slow or stagnant growth, operational bottlenecks, poor customer retention, and other problems.

The Synergy Demand Gen Program solves this problem with a comprehensive yet easy-to-implement solution.  We leverage purpose-built processes to evaluate a company’s current marketing framework and identify the missing elements, in order to plug the gaps and align the strategy to produce results. Synergy’s ACTIVATE-CREATE-ENGAGE-GROW-OPTIMIZE framework creates a structured, clear and effective path forward, while remaining flexible enough to meet client-specific objectives and focuses.

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