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Private Equity

We specialize in high-performance, customized on-demand marketing solutions for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Our guidance, experience, and on-point execution has helped more than 75 portfolio companies tell their unique story, attract new customers, and win more deals. We understand the unique needs of your industry – and we excel at creating real value for firms like yours.

Revenue Growth
We combine expertise in growth marketing with deep industry knowledge to create customized marketing programs that are scalable, measurable, and directly tied to revenue. Our extensive experience in B2B private equity – particularly focused on manufacturing, technology, and professional services – offers a breadth of marketing strategies that can help any firm and portco meet their growth objectives.  From rebranding an acquisition to creating brand awareness in a new market, to re-inventing product offerings and accelerating pipeline throughput, we help revenue and operations teams scale their businesses efficiently and deliberately.

Accelerated Efficiency, Focus, and Results
Working with Synapse, private equity firms can centralize their marketing functions, eliminating the need to hire, align, and manage internal teams and contractors. This approach creates internal efficiencies and offers economies of scale, saving time, energy, and money. This arrangement also accelerates results, as Synapse brings a ready-to-go team, proven systems, and market-specific expertise to any engagement that is seeking real marketing ROI.

Cost Savings
By acting as a fractional Strategy & Marketing department, we help private equity firms operate with less overhead. This partnership arrangement transforms fixed costs to variable costs, reduces management overhead, and produces savings of up to $750,000+ annually. For a portfolio company, these savings can be equivalent to gaining $2M to $3.5M in annual sales.

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